Srivijaya kalanikethana trust a registered charitable Trust, trust act No. 299-1993-94, believes in the strength and intensity of the ancient tradition, yet evolving a new tradition. A Gurukul of the contemporary period spreading the ancient classical dance form Bharatanatyam. Its motto is to spread and perfect the classical dance forms and create a healthy attitude towards arts and life as a whole.

Over the years, srivijaya kalanikethana trust has developed a large repertoire of performance fusing spirituality, social consciousness and artistic sensitivity. The company performs for a variety of occasions - national and international festivals, conferences, corporate functions and any suitable gathering.

According to Dr. K.S. PAVITRA who heads the organization, who also is a renowned psychiatrist and a versatile dancer in the Pandanallur school of Bharatanatyam, there is an inseparable link between Indian art forms & mental health Bharata's Natyashastra was created by Brahma as a tool to alleviate negative emotions. Also, any art form, which is the indicator of creativity in human beings when used appropriately, can enhance the cognitive & emotional intelligence.

The Indian art forms have been designed by our ancestors in such a systematic manner that the learning occurs from simpler to more complex concepts, from concrete to abstract (which actually is the essence of higher intellectual capacity). Hence Dr. Pavitra has deviced different methods in teaching, which makes learning dance in the centre enjoyable at the same time a personality developing activity.


Thus Srivijaya has been active in the area of culture in a very unique way. The performances, demonstrations and workshops by Srvijaya are attended by a large group of art connoisseurs and artist’s alike. Srivijaya also has been serving as a platform for upcoming youth artists.

The centre has initiated a series of dance performances "Samskruthi Sobagu" for youth artists in the age group of 12-25 years to encourage upcoming sole and duet dancers since November 2008. This programme is being held every third Saturday of the month. Till now more than 100 artists from all over India have performed on this occasion. The centre provides an honorarium of Rs.18,000/- with free stage-auditorium, sound and light and public relations.

The centre also has been conducting regular dance and music appreciation classes for general public free of cost. The centre has been active in conducting research activities related to dance, music and mental health. This information has been reinforced by the detailed press reviews, invitation copies and photos of the events.