The Indian art forms have been designed by our ancestors in such a systematic manner that the learning occurs from simpler to more complex concepts, from concrete to abstract (which actually is the essence of higher intellectual capacity). Hence Dr. Pavitra has devised different methods in teaching, which makes learning dance in the centre enjoyable at the same time a personality developing activity.

To cultivate and nurture the culture of Indian Arts, we create a common canvas for artists of yesterday, today, tomorrow; We utilize the advanced technology of today’s era to share our knowledge, experiences, emotions and feelings through the ancient Art forms.

At Sri Vijaya Kalaniketana, we offer Introductory Courses (short and long term), Diploma Course and Advanced Course in various subjects

Classical Dance

Dance classes on 3 days a week with workshops in between to emphasize particular aspects like nritta and abhinaya

  • Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 6.30 pm to 8 pm for Junior batch.

  • Wednesday, Thursday,Friday and Saturday for the Senior Batch.

To establish Primary Education of Arts in schools, NGO’s and other institutions, we conduct workshops, lecture demonstrations and choreograph for annual days, special occasions and more.