A danseuse par excellence, a renowned psychiatrist Dr. K.S. Pavitra hails from Shivamogga, the cultural city of Malnad. She is the second daughter of renowned psychiatrist Dr. K.R. Sridhar and noted writer Smt. Vijaya Sridhar.

Dr. Pavitra completed her M.B.B.S at Mysore Medical College and Specialized in Psychiatry by obtaining M.D. from National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore. Along with her academics Pavitra had the opportunity to study Bharatanatyam, Karnatic Vocal & Veena, Sanskrit & Kannada literature, Yoga and Kalaripayatt. Tough Pavitra completed preliminary exams in all these areas with excellence, she chose Bharatanatyam as her passion. Pavitra?s artistry is the quintessence of the pristine purity of the much sought after Pandanallur School of Bharatanatyam. She was astutely trained with a hard apprenticeship under Karnataka Kala Tilaka Guru Dr. Vasundhara Doreswamy in Pandanallur School of Dance for more than 20 years.


Continuing the great tradition of Sri Maharajapuram Vishwanath Iyer, Vidwan H.S. Nagaraj has been the disciple of Vid. Sri H. Ramanathan and Vid. H.R. Prasanna Venkatesh. He has trained hundreds of reputed musicians in his institute 'Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Mahavidyalaya'. He has performed widely across the globe and has conducted several workshops on Karnatic music. He has brought out many cassettes and CDs. He is the recipient of 'Naadasiri', 'Sangeetha Visharada', 'Sangeetha Daarshanika' etc. awards. His centre with its many branches all over Karnataka promotes learning and enjoying Karnatic Music. Srivijaya Kalanikethana Trust has been in collaboration with Sri Guruguha Sangeetha Mahavidyalaya for training and Research work in the field fo arts and mental health.


A scholar, researcher, writer, translator and teacher Dr. A.G. Gopalakrishna is actively associated with the trust's research and performance activities. He himself is a creative writer and has written several dramas and stories. His knowledge in depth about Indology and Sanskrit have made him translate Mohamudhgara, Manisha Panchaka, Sadhana Panchaka, Soudarya Lahari, Atmavidya Vilasa and several others into Kannada. Also being a creative artist, A.G. Gopalakrishna works on wood, stone, clay and plaster media. He has undergone trainings in different fields related to theatre and has produced research papers on art-education. He also has been doing research work currently in the area of "Impact of NINASAM and Shivakumar Havyasi Kala Sangha on art education. He is actively involved at Srivijaya Kalanikethana Trust in teaching activities in the areas of Indology, Kannada and Sanskrit literature, basic of sculpture, and 'Soudarya Shastra' which are invaluable understanding Bharatanatyam in depth.


The founder director of 'Sri Raghavendra Yoga Kendra', Sri. S. Gopalakrishna has been an eminent yoga scholar. He has participated in many national and international conferences and has won nearly 200 medals. He has been the recipient of prestigious 'Yoga Samrat' award. He has conducted numerous workshops for housewives, school children, teachers and public aiming at popularising yoga for better mental and physical health. He is a authority on Ashtanga Yoga comprising of Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Dharana, Dhyana, Siddhi and Samadhi. The aim of our centre is to give you the knowledge and confidence to practise/teach Yoga in the Ashtanga Vinyasa style. The theoretical section of the course will include Anatomy and Physiology as relevant to an understanding of Yoga, Yogic Subtle Physiology (Svarodaya), and Philosophy. The topics have been chosen to meet the increasing demands and interests of the ever growing number of yoga practitioners.